Will bitcoin skyrocket again in 2023? we asked you

Zal bitcoin in 2023 weer hard stijgen? We vroegen het jullie

With recent developments in Crypto news In economics and cryptocurrency, what 2023 will look like is a big mystery. However, an interesting indicator is always the feelings that prevail between people. We asked for our fist 7,000 followers on Instagram What do they expect for the new year. He goes bitcoin (BTC) Rising Again?

Most see the price of Bitcoin going up

While 2022 will be a red year for BTC and cryptocurrency in general, our followers are still relatively positive. More than 1,300 Instagram followers have left their vote. Of those, 58% expect another bull market in the new year.

However, the majority are not overwhelming. In addition, 42% do not have a great expectation for 2023 at all, which is not surprising, of course, given the dark red cryptocurrency prices lately.

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Bitcoin news around 2023

Ultimately, no one knows how Bitcoin will develop in the future. However, we can base our expectations on developments in the industry. So, of course, we have a breakdown FTX fresh in our memory.

This could cause more problems in 2023. More companies can fail or get in trouble. Of course, this does not bode well for price developments.

However, there are still great opportunities for cryptocurrency in the new year. Founding partner of Ethereum (ETH) was recently shared some of these opportunities. One of them is a crypto wallet that is so easy to use that anyone can use it. This can lead to increased adoption of encryption.

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