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Linksys has been in the data networking hardware business for 35 years and is a major player in this field. With so many mesh WiFi systems made up of modular nodes, the manufacturer claims to offer a solution for every type of home.

Do you want to try for yourself how you can also achieve smooth and fast WiFi in multiple rooms in the house? Tweakers Partners and Linksys are organizing a test panel in which two Linksys models are put into place: Atlas 6AX3000 and the Atlas Pro 6 AX5400. That’s why we’re looking for eight instructors who want to test these WiFi systems. A nice side effect: After testing and reviewing, your WiFi system can continue to do its job, because you can keep it. are you excited? Register quickly in the survey below this article.

Thanks to today’s technology, it is in principle possible to receive a good wireless WiFi signal anywhere in the home. At the same time, we have more and more devices using wireless internet. Video conferencing, gaming, 4K broadcasting, listening to music around the house: the “heavier” the content, the higher the network load. Mesh WiFi systems must ensure that you can take advantage of fast internet in multiple rooms. Wireless Internet should work smoothly and without problems, especially when using multiple nodes in your home and connecting Wi-Fi 6 devices to them.

Connect as many or fewer devices to your network system

He. She Linksys Atlas Pro 6 (AX5400) The mesh wifi system comes in bundles of one, two or three nodes. Each node is shaped like a modern imaginary tower block with sharp edges and a square shape. On the back, we find the power supply, a Gigabit WAN Ethernet port, and three Gigabit LAN ports.

Since it’s a mesh network, it automatically switches between your different devices as you move around your home.

the Linksys Atlas Pro 6 (AX5400) Offering dual-band Wi-Fi 6, it uses Velop’s smart network and can cover a few square metres. It has a 2.4GHz channel and a 5GHz 160MHz channel. You can connect more than thirty different devices at the same time to each node. Since it’s a mesh network, it automatically switches between your different devices as you move around your home. The system promises a stable and smooth connection all around. Technical specifications vary according to the number of nodes. With 2 packs, the range of your mesh WiFi system is logically greater than with 1 pack, and with 3 packs, you can increase the surface area and the amount of devices to be connected even more. An additional node provides an additional range of approximately 150 to 200 square metres.

Setup is done through the Linksys app and should be simple and fast. You instantly see how many devices are connected to your network and you can see the name of each device. The app allows you to enable the guest network, change the Wi-Fi password and network name, run a speed test, and list the devices you want to prioritize. You can arrange for parental supervision via the dashboard if desired. You can select individual devices, pause their internet access, and schedule when they can access again. You can also block specific websites. Setup is done through the Linksys app and should be simple and fast.

If you live alone or as a couple, or if you have fewer devices that use a wireless Internet connection, you should also be able to handle Linksys Atlas 6 (AX3000). This entry level system also comes in 1, 2 and 3-pack variants. Two test packages are provided. Like the Atlas Pro 6, this dual-band system uses the Qualcomm Immersive Home Platform with a dual-core 1GHz SoC, 512MB of RAM, and 256MB of flash storage.

Join the Tweakers Test Panel and Win Atlas 6 (Pro)

Twicker Partners and linksys Give the Tweakers community the opportunity to write a review about Atlas 6 and Atlas Pro 6. A total of eight trainers are selected – four testers for each model – who are allowed to implement a mesh system with Wi-Fi 6 at home. The kits are sent out, after which they can be taken care of for two weeks. At the end of the test, the participants are allowed to keep their group as a thank you. Depending on the size of your house, 2 or 3 packages will be sent. So it is useful to indicate how much you live.

Did you miss this promotion, but are curious about the performance and capabilities of these Mesh WiFi systems from Linksys, then share in the comments at the bottom of this article what you would like to read again in the test report.

Want to review one of the two Linksys Atlas Mesh WiFi System for 2 weeks?

Terms and conditions of promotions

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