Why PVV, FVD and JA21 are not suitable for government involvement

Why PVV, FVD and JA21 are not suitable for government involvement

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There appears to be a large space to the right of the VVD. Here PVV, FVD and JA21 vie for your attention. These parties have a striking similarity that you won’t see anywhere else in the political arena: all three were founded primarily to provide job security for their founder(s). Geert Wilders had to start the PVV because he was kicked out of the VVD part. Thierry Baudt started FVD on the advice of Elsevier’s editor-in-chief Arendo Joustra to get rid of his financial troubles. Jost and Annabelle started JA21 because they failed to win an internal power struggle and mud throwing against Thierry Baudt shortly before the 2021 elections in the FVD.

Thus, these three parties revolve primarily around the personal interests of the founder(s). Obviously, the primary goal of all of these founders is to make sure they secure re-election time and time again. There must be bread on the shelf! Geert Wilders does this by being the sole member of his party. He is undoubtedly the sole ruler of the Freedom Party and, without assuming any other responsibility, compiles the list for the parliamentary elections himself, in which he himself, of course, is always number 1.

Since FVD and JA21 accept members, they came up with a different solution for that. Members of both parties have been castrated by law. The Council fills the electoral lists of the various bodies with loyalists as it deems appropriate and submits them to the general meeting of the members as a piece of a hammer. Members have no other input on this matter and can only vote against these proposals in theory.

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In the Democratic Party, members can simply dismiss the board of directors that facilitate this type of practice, but that’s the gist of the matter. Members of the FVD and JA21 are not legally authorized to exercise any influence on the composition of the Board of Directors. Members’ attempts to modify this platform invariably end in internal conflicts and expulsions.

For example, the board of directors of the FVD is made up of the same people that you also see in the House of Representatives. Further explanation seems unnecessary. JA21 is no different. Already at the first general meeting of the members, the bylaws had to go to the trash can because at what cost Ghost’s wife had to stay on the board.

The big difference with the detestable cartel parties is that they have, without exception, a democratic internal structure. The power of the Assembly is completely separate from that of the members of Parliament and the electoral lists are determined through a democratic process.

And these are not exactly the details. It is crucial to the long-term success and survival of a political party that it be greater than the “faces of the party”. The primary concern of any “cartel party” is not to allow overly ambitious egos to take over the party. Ed Nijpels left VVD in 1986 for precisely this reason. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Therefore, the members of the board of directors of political parties are full of egos fighting each other because it is disastrous for the results of the elections (or isn’t it, Wubke?).

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Cartel party politicians will think twice before entering a coalition with an internally undemocratic organization like JA21, FVD or PVV. After all, ordinary “cartel politicians” can be held personally responsible for the success or failure of joint government plans, but this is not possible with a non-democratic coalition partner.

No matter how badly a coalition partner does, re-election is already guaranteed. This disparity prevents any potential alliance from having a cleansing effect, because there is no equality between the organizations of the participants.

It is therefore unlikely that sane politicians would join a coalition with a party that is not only related to the founders, but even named after them.

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In response to AD, the FVD confirms the above account


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