“Why do we release a new iPhone every year?”

“Why do we release a new iPhone every year?”

A few years ago this would have been a strange question. The developments surrounding the iPhone were still in their infancy, and there were some amazing innovations every year. It made sense for Apple to release new iPhones every year. There is still a lot to improve, and companies like Apple are not yet concerned about the environment. But now that Apple has tightened environmental measures, the question has become whether it should continue to launch new products every year. Or should Apple ensure we get through a year further by not releasing anything new? It turns out that Tim Cook doesn’t think so From an interview With Brut.

The interview was conducted at an Apple data center and solar power plant in Denmark. Cook was there recently as part of his European tour in various cities. This has not actually happened with carbon dioxide emissions, specifically in a private plane. So Cook was asked about “greenwashing.” Doesn’t Apple make things more beautiful than they are? And what does Apple actually mean by CO2 neutral, a term that may be banned in the EU because it is often used incorrectly?

Cook acknowledged that there is still a lot of work to be done to fully switch to renewable energy and the use of recycled materials. Production is already as “clean” as possible, and if that fails, pollution is offset by investment in forests and meadows, which absorb carbon dioxide from the air. The company wants to do these types of activities as openly as possible. Although Apple is secretive when it comes to new products, it wants to be completely transparent about its environmental efforts. The idea behind this is that other companies can easily copy it, so that they also make their production more environmentally friendly. Apple already regularly allows journalists into its recycling facilities. Earlier this year, iCulture also had the opportunity to see recycling robot Daisy.

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Annual iPhone Updates: Necessary or Not?

But what about annual product updates like those for the iPhone, which are not necessary at all? Cook managed to talk his way out of this by saying that it’s great to have a new iPhone available every year for people who want one. After all, they can trade in their old devices to Apple for a small sum. If the device is still working, Apple will sell it as a refurbished iPhone. The robot disassembles broken iPhones to collect materials for reuse. A world in which Apple no longer issues annual updates for the iPhone would also be unthinkable. Apple is a listed company that also has to keep investors happy and that means: constant turnover and profit. This sometimes conflicts with environmental goals.

Tim Cook is recycling (a little).

The answer to the question of what the iPhone will look like in 20 to 30 years is unfortunately somewhat disappointing. Cook just wants to say that the device will then be CO2 neutral and “much further along than now,” but he doesn’t want to give details because he “doesn’t want to give away all the secrets.” Well, another sensitive topic: what is Cook himself doing about the environment? He’s flown around Europe on a private plane and we see him every year with a new iPhone in his pocket and a new Apple Watch on his wrist. We also never see him get off the bus or train. He tries to do little things: he tries to avoid plastic, drives an electric car, recycles and composts his organic waste – when he’s at home.

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The full interview It can be seen as a TikTok video In Prot.

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