Who is the winner of the mall announced at Soestdijk Palace

Who is the winner of the mall announced at Soestdijk Palace
Winner Daniel Verlan (left), mole Juri Geluk, and losing runner-up Ranome Chromovidjugo

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Journalist Daniel Verlan is the winner this season Who is the mole? The finale of the popular TV show was in the front garden of Soestdijk Palace in Baarn.

This time the mole Juri Geluk was 31 years old. He is also known as a TV show host squirt and swallow.

At the end of the season, the match was between former swimmer Ranome Krumwijdjugo and Verlan. He eventually went on to win and a cash prize of over €11,000. A portion of the prize money will be donated to the Association of Investigative Journalists.

Millions of audiences

Season 23 recordings of Who is a mole? They were in South Africa. Although the Saturday evening show is still watched by millions of people, viewership numbers have fallen far behind in recent years. According to presenter Rik van de Westlaken, this may have something to do with the devastating effects of the pandemic.

And the ANB news agency quoted Van de Westerlaken as saying, “Corona has greatly affected the viewing figures in the past three years.” “People had nowhere to go, there was no alternative, at least not outside of television. You can’t assume under normal circumstances that it would stay the same. I’m glad so many people watched again.”

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