White House delays release of internal Kennedy assassination documents

White House delays release of internal Kennedy assassination documents

Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump, released 2,800 classified documents about the assassination in 2018. However, at the insistence of the security services, part of them remained classified, allegedly contrary to Trump’s wishes. These documents had to be re-evaluated, after which they will eventually be published on December 15 this year. However, this process has been delayed due to the Corona epidemic. Therefore, Biden has now given the State Archives and Security Services until December 15, 2022, to complete the work. The already revised documents will be released as planned on December 15 this year.

United States law requires that all documents relating to the Kennedy assassination be made public. So security forces should limit the information they want to keep to an absolute minimum, according to a memo released by the White House on Friday. The White House said that only when national security, international relations, ongoing intelligence or police investigations are at stake, should the information be kept classified.

The White House said the assassination of the 46-year-old president was a “deep national tragedy” that continues to haunt the minds. More than 250,000 murder documents have been released since the 1990s, about 90 percent of the total. The White House wants the National Archives to come up with a plan this year to make all of this material also accessible online.

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