March 26, 2023

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Which Boyer Couples Are Looking For A Wife Still Together?  † right Now

Which Boyer Couples Are Looking For A Wife Still Together? † right Now

After speed dates, day dates, farm stays and city trips, reunions A farmer looking for a wife Broadcasting. Which couples are still together who have now put an end to their (new) relationship?

Rob Wendy

Rob came to the reunion alone. “She didn’t come from the side she wanted,” says the 52-year-old fruit grower. “This dazzling effect. I hope it comes.” However, he does not give up: “I still believe in love.”

Rob Wendy.

Rob Wendy.

Rob Wendy.

picture: KRO-NCRV

Hans and Annette

“I feel like I have the first prize,” Annette says. “Also with his kids together. We introduced our kids and it was a great day.” “We just have to look at each other and figure out what we want,” adds the 69-year-old horse farm owner. “I have a lot of meaning in life.”

Hans and Annette.

Hans and Annette.

Hans and Annette.

picture: KRO-NCRV

jock and carlin

The youngest of all the participants is still in love. “He’s so cute,” says Carlin. “He’s a lot more attentive than me. Then I find a note somewhere. Just a message that he loves me or something.”

“I feel much happier,” says the 32-year-old farmer. “I have a feeling I have something to hold on to. I also have that with family and friends, but that goes deeper.” At the moment Karlijn will come to Friesland from Brabant only on weekends, but in the long term the couple would like to live together on the farm.

Janine and Sandra

During the city trip it turned out that Janine had some doubts. In the absence of the camera after that, the two got to know each other better. “Things went too fast for me, and then I ran a few more times in the other direction,” says the 32-year-old sheep farmer from Limburg. A few months later, Janine called it quits, with Sander saying he wanted to keep the door open.

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“After five weeks, she’s back on the doorstep,” Sander says. “Then there was room to start feeling again,” Janine says of the renewed relationship.

Everett and Maud

“I’m really happy,” says Maud of her relationship with Evert. The couple will also live together; She says on the show that Maud has already canceled her rent. On the farm you will also work in the field of raising livestock. “I think it’s great to be here,” Evert said of his lover.