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What you should not forget is that every feature or problem that is brought up is not just a small feature. If you have a user base of 10 people, this might be a small advantage, but the moment you’re dealing with close to a billion users, every little problem (or little feature) suddenly becomes a massive challenge.

From my background in software engineering, I can give you a little behind-the-scenes glimpse of what we’re dealing with:
1. Hundreds of different devices that you all want to support.
2. Accessibility which should be true: Does this also work for a group of visually impaired users or a limited group of users?
3. Different software versions that all should work under them
4. A transitional period where there are still apps with outdated versions
5. Regression: How do you make sure that an asset does not collapse suddenly?
6. Scalability of APIs, servers, workloads, etc…
7. User testing: Is the feature understood by users at all?

And I’m not even talking about all the communication, graphics, prototyping, and brainstorming that goes into achieving such a feature at all, even before development.

Don’t forget the scale we’re dealing with: it’s a billion different users with thousands of different use cases where everything should work. Hopefully this gave you some insight into why it’s not just a ‘small feature’ and that you also gain a little understanding of all the other major software packages that you have to deal with in your daily life and understand why sometimes things don’t go well. Or that things are taking too long.

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