WhatsApp enables data migration from iOS to recent Samsung phones – tablets and phones – news

Both WhatsApp and Samsung made it possible to transfer chat apps history from iOS to Samsung smartphones. This must be done during the initial setup of your Samsung phone, and requires an Android 10 model and the correct cable.

WhatsApp defines migration conditions in a file Blog post and on help page. Users must have at least a Samsung smartphone running Android 10 with the Samsung Smart Switch app pre-installed. This app must have at least version

The requirement that the migration takes place during the initial setup means that the Samsung smartphone must have received the update to this version of the application, dating from the beginning of August, via a system update, so that it can also be used in system image It has been processed and is therefore present during the first use or after factory settings. In general, it can be concluded that migration is currently supported only on Samsung smartphones and recently released devices with which the system has recently been updated.

In addition to these requirements for a new Samsung phone, one must have a USB-c to Lightning cable. WhatsApp on the iOS side will require version, on Android version and users will have to use the same phone number. WhatsApp is also reporting about it Peer-to-peer push messages Not aligned with WhatsApp call history. The Facebook subsidiary states that “soon more Android devices” will be able to use the migration function.

Until now, migrations between these two systems have had to rely on third-party tools. It is not yet clear whether the migration from Android to iOS is soon.

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