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WhatsApp will launch several new voice messaging features in the coming weeks, including the ability to pause recording of voice messages. In addition, it will be possible to listen to other people’s recordings outside the chat.

Chat service talks about Six new features, including the ability to listen back to voice messages before sending them. However, this function already Since December in the application. Among other things, the ability to pause voice messages while recording is new to the chat app.

The pause function has become in October It was discovered in a beta version of the service and complements the ability to listen back to chats. Users can press the pause button in the chat app and the recording will pause. Only the recording can now be played back, but soon a microphone will appear at the location of the stop button. Pressing this microphone button continues recording.

Other new features include the ability to listen to voice messages outside of chat. Now users have to stay in the chat to listen to the messages, and the messages stop when the chat is closed. Users will see a player at the top of the screen for the voice message.

WhatsApp will still remember where the user listened to an audio message, even if the chat is closed. When users open the chat again, users can continue to listen to the recording from that point on. Before the update, the recording starts again from the beginning. Voice messages have been in WhatsApp since 2013. WhatsApp says that today, seven billion voice messages are sent every day.

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