WhatsApp allows users to protect parts of personal files from specific contacts – tablets and phones – news

WhatsApp is expanding its privacy options: it is now possible to share your profile picture, Around-text and Last seenStatus of specific contacts. Previously, it was only possible to group together such groups as “Contacts”, “Nobody” and “Everyone”.

In addition to “Everyone”, “Nobody” and “Contacts”, there is now also an option “Contacts, except”. The option has some differences from blocking a contact, but it’s definitely the same. If a blockage occurs, the person can still see the profile picture, but he will not receive any changes to this. Last seen Also unavailable when blocked. Finally, messages from blocked are not delivered of course and calls are not possible.

It is still not possible Currently on the siteCase statement. This appears if the other person in the chat currently has the app open. in the comments under Advertising The feature has been requested multiple times.

The new functionality is currently available, according to a review by Tweakers on an Android device. Meta, the company behind the popular messenger, recently migrated your chat history From Android to iOS Made it possible, and limit the group to 512 users Raised the limit on files to be sent From 100 MB to 2 GB Transformation.

Whoever chooses “My contacts except…” will see their contacts and can check who is in that list

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