What’s the best New Year’s Eve convention to watch tonight?

What's the best New Year's Eve convention to watch tonight?

Claudia de Pre
Seen: Stadsschouwburg Utrecht, December 15th

Holland’s ship ran aground, with no one at the helm. These discouraging photos form the starting point for Claudia de Brigg’s third New Year’s Eve conference.

She has already shown in 2016 and 2019 that she has mastered the genre. Once again, De Breij knows how to tell a beautiful connected story, while at the same time not shying away from sharp criticism and sarcastic jokes.

“Nothing goes without saying,” says the 47-year-old comedian. All current crises are the result of conscious choices from the past, such as letting Putin have his way. But herein lies the hope, because from now on we can make different choices.

De Breij presents this idea most forcefully in a retelling of the classic story of Odysseus, who ties himself to the mast of his ship so as not to be tempted by the song of the nymphs. She says we should have done something like this more often. After all, it has been proven time and again that the temptation of the “money on the people” principle is too great for our officials to bear.

There is also room for self-irony on New Year’s Eve. De Breij acknowledges that her generation is of no use to you: “It’s just annoying…” And she sincerely apologizes to all 35 miners in the Netherlands for this negativity.

Conference de Briggs New Year’s Eve 2022 has been endowed with richness both musically and visually. Accompanying herself on electric or acoustic guitar, or on grand piano, the comedian performs a number of delicate songs. Unfortunately, some of them break down very quickly. She presented her presentation against the backdrop of a huge Vermeer-esque painting of the Dutch sky over turbulent waters. The beautiful lighting creates a nice variety of ambiance.

to rule

The role of Minister Caller, part of the New Year’s Eve conference tradition, suited Claudia de Brigg like no other. De Briggs doesn’t want to talk too much. Entertainment news in particular is represented with Glennis Grace, Lil Klein, Matthys van Nieuwkerk and Johan Dirksen. It could have been a little lower.

Saturday 31st December NPO1, 10.23pm.

Guido_Weijers New Year’s Eve Conference 2022Sushila Quinn Statue

Interview – Guido Weiers made a plea at a New Year’s Eve conference: settle for less, rather than always wanting more. “We need peace of mind.”

It will be his eleventh New Year’s Eve, tonight on RTL4. And this show is the last thing the public will see of Guido Weijers for the time being, as he is taking a year off, he announced Friday on Koffietijd. He is tired of his overcrowded agenda and wants to decide for himself once again what to do with his life. So he pulled the plug on Jan. 1. and then? No idea. Imagine maybe he’s leaving for Mexico or New Zealand. Or he will build a house. or sleep…

But tonight he will appear one last time. This is what the public can expect: He explains on the phone that Weijers will go back “to the basics”. “This year it’s going to be stand-up no frills: one man, one mic, and then telling jokes that capture the zeitgeist. So no technical stands with a projection screen, powerpoint, or fancy background. I let it all out. I hear from stage managers that they really appreciate it.” And that there is a different person on stage than there was fifteen years ago. I feel it myself.”

The exposed stand-up format fits well with the moral theme he wants to highlight in his show: the man’s obsessive quest for more, more, and more. “We’re all addicted to more, to a new dose of dopamine every time,” says Weijers. “We want more money, like Sywert van Lienden. And in The Voice, the guys wanted more girls. Everyone spends more and more time on their cell phones. Put a pot of honey in front of people and they want more.”

Totally overkill

Weijers’ solution: scale back. “Less war, less screen time, less Nick and Simon time and less factory farming.” During the sold-out trials, he noticed his letter caught fire. “In practice, a lot of people secretly desire less in desire. Take the youngsters. They are very depressed, I think because they spend all day on TikTok and are over-stimulated. Our brain now receives as many stimuli per day as anyone from ages.” prehistoric in his whole life. We need peace of mind.”

Aside from this message, New Year’s Eve will, of course, be a summary of the past year’s news. The angry farmers, the war, Matthijs van Nieuwkerk, the climate, the voice and gossip from the “juice ducts”: it all passes. But in a surprising way, Weijers promises. “Because not everyone who does something crazy is a bad person. We are only human.”

In this performance, the comedian says, he makes fewer concessions and dares to be more personal than before. In this way he pays tribute to two people who have since died. The first was his childhood idol: singer du Mar Henie Frentin, who passed away in April. The other was a friend of Weijers’. They regularly went for walks together in Limburg. The paths became shorter and shorter due to the friend’s illness. They had to cut, whether they wanted to or not. Still, their rides remained enjoyable, though sometimes they didn’t go farther than the seat at the bottom of the hill. “Embrace all that life has in store for you,” is Weijers’ lesson. “There is only now.”

Saturday, December 31, RTL4 at 8 p.m

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