What you, as an Apple fan, have been doing wrong on your iPhone for years

What you, as an Apple fan, have been doing wrong on your iPhone for years

If you’ve had an iPhone as a companion for years, chances are you’ve also spent hours scrolling through social media. But what if you want to go back to the top of the page… do you scroll to the top of the page endlessly?

If you answered yes to this, it’s time to change that once and for all. There is an easy and simple solution to this. Once you know it, it will save you a lot of time and scrolling in the future.

Less scrolling for iPhone users

The handy trick has been around on Apple smartphones for a long time. How you use it varies depending on your device. If you have an iPhone 14 Pro (Max), tap the Dynamic Island to scroll all the way to the top of your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter timeline, for example.

If you have an iPhone with a notch, like the standard iPhone 14, tap one of the sides next to the notch to do the same. On an older device that doesn’t have a dynamic island or notch, you can scroll up by tapping the clock in the status bar.

Scrolling on Instagram
Scroll back with a simple tap on the screen (Photo: Nathana Reboucas/Unsplash)

More things you might be doing wrong

Now that you know this handy trick, you can be more productive on your iPhone. However, there are many useful tricks to get the most out of your smartphone. We’ve previously written about how you can preserve your device’s battery life, so you can enjoy your phone for longer.

In addition, there are many other things that you as an iPhone user will want to know. Like there are three secret apps that you can easily open, but also how you can take gaming on your smartphone to the next level and why the back of your device is a secret button.

What the iPhone 15 Ultra will likely look like

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What you as an Apple fan have been doing wrong with your iPhone for years

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