“What if he did this to me, too?”

"What if he did this to me, too?"

Maude gave birth to Liam four weeks ago. The delivery was difficult, but she and Gio slowly began to settle in as new parents. Her ex-husband Tommy also became a father. She now gets along well with Tommy and is friends with his new girlfriend. But Jesse has some strange news about Tommy. When Maud and Geo go to the porch for the first time as a new family, Geo receives a strange phone call…

I looked at Jiu in shock, but he just shook his head to let me know that nothing serious was going on. “Yeah sorry man I can’t help you right now,” I heard Gio say and then hung up.

“That was Tommy, your ex. Gio said as he gulped down his drink in one gulp. I can see in his head that doesn’t sit well with him.” Well, Jessie actually came up with a story, she thought she saw him kissing another girl at a festival. Geo confirms the story.” Yes, Tommy immediately confessed to Charlie that he was very sorry. He sat in it for a while and asked if I wanted to run with him.”

“I really don’t understand how you can do something like that! Did he go crazy or something? His girlfriend just gave birth!”, I seem to be screaming so loudly that the people next to us look around in shock. I find myself feeling a lot of anger over this whole thing. I know how hard it can be when you’ve just become a mother and then a guy casually kisses someone else at a festival.

Geo makes it clear that he doesn’t understand that either and happily confirms that he couldn’t do such a thing. “I also thought Tommy was such a loyal moron, he never cheated, right?” Suddenly I have a feeling in my stomach. I already thought Tommy was the most loyal of all Labrador retrievers, but now I somehow have a vague feeling. What if he did this kind of trick on me, too? After that, Liam started crying. It’s like a reality check: My relationship with Tommy is over and it doesn’t matter what he does anymore, I’m so happy for Gio.

“Well, I hope you understand, but I’m trying to get away from Tommy for a bit. We get along really well, but I don’t want to solve your ex’s relationship issues.” I totally understand Geo. It’s time for another topic as I tentatively try to suggest my summer vacation plans. My brother is going to Ibiza with his girlfriend and the house next door to them is still free and I would love to come! “My brother has already offered to babysit one evening, then we can go out.” I wasn’t expecting it but Gio was so excited right away and we booked tickets for the same evening.

The rest of the week is actually pretty quiet, we’ve planned fewer maternity visits and this rest worked out for me. Last weekend we had a BBQ at my mom and Willem’s house and it was really nice! The rest of the weekend, Gio and I had a nice walk and sat on the porch. Secretly, I’m a little sad, Gio has been off for so long, but tomorrow he has to start working again and I’m a little afraid…

Maude, 23, loves to party and travel. She works in the editorial office of a magazine. Maude is in a relationship with Gio and she has just given birth to their son, Liam. You can read about her adventures each week in a new episode of Nachtboek van Maud.

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#305 “What if he did that kind of trick to me too?”

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