“What a wonderful spiritual journey it must have been” – Wel.nl

“What a wonderful spiritual journey it must have been” - Wel.nl

Peter Pannekoek took a Twitter storm after he criticized on the social media platform anti-vaccination, who are now suddenly pro-Putin and anti-abortion.

From anti-vaccination to pro-Putin to anti-abortion comedian books on Twitter. “What a wonderful spiritual journey it must have been!” End with the hashtag #NothingDanLiefde.

Pannekoek denounces the group of people who were against vaccination in the time of Corona and now understand Putin’s war in Ukraine. And where we thought abortion became a natural feat, this group is now turning against it, too. They hardly seem to think about their opinions but just by definition they want to go against the mainstream. The comedian has a little patience with that kind of childishness.

But he can count on a torrent of negative reactions. One wrote, for example, “Every word in this tweet is made up of Pannekoek. Get groups of people together and visualize connections.” “How dare you continue in this line and bring everything and everyone together!” Another writes.

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