Wendy Lenten in a nice talk Muhammed: Transferring 215,000 euros in a van der Speek bag: The scammers have been dealt with

Wendy Lenten in a nice talk Muhammed: Transferring 215,000 euros in a van der Speek bag: The scammers have been dealt with

In “Kes van der Sek: The Crooks” this time we see Wendy, who has a family when she meets Muhammed. They seem to have a bright future ahead, but things quickly go wrong.

“It totally destroyed me.”

Muhammad seeks a lot of communication with Wendy and when he comes to Holland, they meet. The two begin a relationship and as a result the relationship ends with the father of her children. Wendy even meets Mohammed’s family and they seem to have a bright future ahead. During their relationship, Muhammad keeps asking for money. They start small, but – as we often see on Kees van der Spek – increasingly larger quantities are being ordered. “I need 5,000 euros for my daughter, so you have to convert it. That way,” Wendy says. However they transfer money. “I was already very fascinated by his stories and his interest.”

The demand for money continues to grow. “Then the guy saw an Audi A4. For 38,000 euros. I paid for it.” Muhammad has nice conversations. He saw a plot of land on which he wanted to grow avocados. This way he will get the money back and transfer it to Wendy, but for this investment he needs money from his sweetheart. So she transferred another 35,000 euros.

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Wendy explains that this money is not his at all. “I borrowed this money from my dad. They didn’t know it was for him. So yeah, pretty stupid. I put my parents at a disadvantage because of this.” Her parents are not as angry at Wendy as Muhammad. “I was so in love, I didn’t see what happened at all,” Wendy says when I tell her about the other big sums I’ve transferred. He totally encapsulates it by saying that she doesn’t need anyone but him and his family. So contact with her friends diminished. “I just called him.” In total, Wendy transferred about 215,000 euros.

When Wendy ends up in the hospital with a uterine cyst and has surgery on the spot, she reads as soon as she’s out of the anesthetic that Muhammad loosens. When she asks for her money, he threatens to make her life miserable. Muhammad turns out not to be a lover, because when her ex-husband, with whom Wendy still lives, leaves for Turkey for a story, he sends pictures of a rifle to Wendy. That would be for her ex-husband. But Muhammad is not embarrassed and still asks for money from Wendy. “Yesterday…if I wanted to transfer 750 euros.” The last time she transferred the money was last week, out of fear of Mohamed and his threats. “It totally destroyed me.”

Fortunately, Wendy has the support of her parents after telling everything honestly. She then feels very stupid, but she wants to share her story to save others from the same mistakes.

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Kiss goes to Turkey with Wendy. When they saw him walking outside, Wendy was already full. Along with someone from the show, supposedly friends with Wendy, she visits her ex-girlfriend before confronting him. But it soon becomes clear that Wendy is going through a tough time mentally and physically, because she has to vomit when she’s with him. He remains friendly, but makes it clear that he is constantly following Wendy. They decided to meet the next day.

When they met, Mohammed indicated that he wanted to make a new investment. For this he needs another 150 thousand euros from Wendy. silly. It’s time to intervene. The confrontation bag begins. “Muhammad, are you still looking in the mirror?” Wendy talks to him, too. “You totally destroyed me.” He denies. “you did!” She screams as he walks away. According to the translator – and the security guard – Muhammad called his lawyer by phone. He denies once again that he ruined Wendy. Wendy shouts: “You have.”

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Wendy cries in the car. “It’s over. Finally.” Later, outside the cameras, Muhammad and Wendy made an arrangement. The amount will be paid in phases of 10,000 euros. However, so far he has only transferred 220 euros. “At this rate, he will not finish repaying for 244 years,” the letter says at the end of the program. Wendy has hired a collection agency.

Kees van der Sek: The fraudsters intervene See you every Tuesday at 8.30pm on RTL 5. You can watch this episode and all the others on Videoland.

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