Websites Can Automatically Copy Content to Clipboard Across Chromium Browsers – Computer – News

Modern and well-designed websites also work without JS – bv.

It’s usable, but working well is another story. For example, now I’m writing this on a completely separate page and can no longer see all the other messages people have written, not even the original article, so I can forget to quote information from the text,

The entire menu on the side as well as the menu with buttons for formatting this message are gone. Now I have to put hyperlinks or external quotes by hand.

The complete supervision system is unusable and not insightful. I can still filter through the options above, but that means a brand new page will be displayed. Everything opens as a new page, even the “Reply” button.

The advantage is that you have no ads or trackers, and the disadvantage is that there is no more embedded content that works.

Other than that, the experience is just jerky. It works, but the UX sucks and takes a lot of data and reloading. I dare say the javascript handler on the button costs less resources each time the full DOM is reloaded and everything is rendered again.

Edit: Oh I just found out that the notification button no longer works. Same goes for direct messages and comparison, ‘more’ just opens the first page in another tab and your profile too. Some things just stop working.

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