We will not prevent Poland from sending tanks to Ukraine

We will not prevent Poland from sending tanks to Ukraine

France Press agency

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If Poland sends German-made main battle tanks to Ukraine, Germany will not stop them. This is what German Foreign Minister Berbock said to the French channel LCI.

The interview comes after a joint summit between Germany and France in Paris. The entire German cabinet traveled to the French capital to strengthen relations. Representatives from both countries also attended.

It is not yet clear what Burbock’s remarks will mean in practice. Kyiv had been requesting assault tanks for some time as it hoped to fend off the Russians. Poland and Finland said earlier so-called Leopard 2To supply the tanks. The Baltic states also called on Germany to give the green light. Because the main battle tanks are German-made, Berlin must give permission.

Speaking to LCI, Burbock said, “The question hasn’t been asked yet, but if it does we won’t get in the way.”

Fearing a further escalation of the war, Germany is reluctant to provide heavier equipment that could also be used for the offensive. France has also shown restraint so far.

In Paris, Chancellor Schultz made no commitments today. He only stated that all arms shipments would be coordinated with the Allies. French President Macron said that he does not rule out that his country will send Leclerc tanks to Ukraine in the near future.

France Press agency

Chancellor Schulz and President Macron

On the 60th anniversary of the Franco-German Treaty of Friendship, the two countries expressed their support for Ukraine. In a joint statement afterwards, they said Ukraine could count on their “unwavering support”. The Allies also pledged to stand behind Kyiv “as long as necessary”.

The major powers have recently been at odds over key European issues. This concerns, for example, the European price ceiling for shipments of gas, weapons and equipment to Ukraine. The Cabinet was originally scheduled for October last year, but was postponed due to differences of opinion between the countries on how to handle the energy crisis and Ukraine.

Therefore, the aim of the celebration in the French capital this weekend was to provide an opportunity for countries to get closer to each other. In the run-up to the summit, Scholz and Macron particularly emphasized mutual unity.

The celebration in Paris this weekend marks the 60th anniversary of the Elysée Treaty, which the two countries signed in 1963. To this day, the treaty serves as a building block for further European cooperation.

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