We ask the market whether it is because of stocks or interest rates and inflation

We vragen ons voorbeurs af of het aan aandelen of rente en inflatie is

The AEX is -0.2% after another day of gains after falling for six consecutive days. Wall Street gave up some of the gains near the close.

  • European and American futures contracts open or are only a tenth to a twentieth in the red
  • In Asia, China is still the best and Taiwan the worst, but all indices trade with zero before the decimal point
    Alibaba -2.4%
    Baidu + 1.3%
    Tencent -0.3%
    TSMC 1.4%
    Samsung + 0.2%
  • Volatility (CBOE VIX Index) is -3.3% at 21.0
  • The dollar is still up 0.2% to 1.0589 after a big drop or rise in the euro overnight to more than 1.06.
  • Gold Up 0.1%, Oil Up 0.8% And Cryptocurrencies Do Almost Nothing

This is why I myself feel gloomy about stocks. Interest rates keep rising and inflation is unstoppable. Having said that, I was picky about stocks prior to this winter, and it got it to my face. Fortunately my money is not on my mind. Today I buy AEX among other things by fixed order.

First, say good morning, too. Shell just ended up with Old Continent?

Last trading day of this month and we have made it through the winter well:

After six days of decline, the AEX rose again yesterday. yeah but now mom? However, the index seems to be asking approx.

Meanwhile, the interest rate (ten-year) is near the top again at 2.92% (due to Viscous swell). Just tell us how much upside it is for stocks in general and growth and risk funds in particular.

Speaking of viscous inflation…

Anyway, long-haul flying vacations are the winner anyway this year at Damrak:

The loser this year is the Azeris, and there are numbers in it:

Games are played in the box and this is perhaps more important:

Kendrion is also up there with the numbers. Allfunds is already there – under an offer from Euronext – and this pops up in the news feed, I can’t do it all.

After the exhibition, it was ASMI’s turn, and it’s a really cool one Trading updates gave. Rating already ahead of order book?

Not much macro data out today, but before the market, keep an eye out for inflation in France and Spain this month:

Then last night the 2020 fund still had numbers, Zoom. That went after the market +7.4%.

News, tips and short agenda

Top ABM Financial news since yesterday’s Amsterdam close with the Galapagos:.

  • 08:19 Bayer beats its annual forecast
  • 08:12 AEX predicted opening flat
  • 07:55 Kendrion’s results are getting better
  • 07:28 Japanese retail sales rose
  • 07:19 Azerbaijan achieves the goals of 2022
  • 07:18 Beursblik: Berenberg removes JDE Peet from sales list
  • 07:01 Japanese industry produces much less
  • 06:57 European stock markets are expected to open narrowly lower
  • 06:55 CBS: The Dutch economic picture is more negative
  • 06:53 Dutch retail sales rose in January
  • 06:51 Selling prices in Dutch manufacturing are rising less quickly again
  • 06:44 Stock Exchange Agenda: Macroeconomics
  • 06:43 Exhibition agenda: Dutch companies
  • 06:43 Stock exchange agenda: foreign funds
  • Feb 27 Zoom Depends on growth
  • 27 Feb The Galapagos presents new filgotinib data in ulcerative colitis
  • Feb 27 Wall Street closes higher
  • Stock Market Update February 27th: AEX is on Wall Street
  • February 27 Oil price drops
  • Feb 27 Wall Street moves higher
  • Feb 27 Lavide may remove ING as an ENL agent
  • February 27, European stock markets closed higher

AFM reports this Shorts:

schedule of work:

00:00 All the boxes — fourth quarter numbers
07:00 ANE – fourth quarter numbers
07:30 Kendreon – fourth quarter numbers
6:00 PM ASMI – Fourth Quarter Numbers

07:00 Bayer – Q4 figures (Germany)
10:00 PM AMC Entertainment – US fourth quarter numbers
10:00 PM HP Inc. First quarter figures (USA)

00:50 Retail Sales – January (Japan)
00:50 Industrial Production – January (Japan)
06:30 Retail Sales Volume – Jan (NL)
06:30 Producer Prices – Jan (NL)
06:30 Monthly Economic Report – January (NL)
08:45 Inflation – Feb vlpg (Fra)
08:45 Producer Prices – January (France)
08:45 Consumer Spending – January (France)
15:00 Case Shiller Home Prices – Dec (US)
15:45 Chicago PMI – Feb (US)
4:00 PM Consumer Confidence – February (US)

So what about AMC then?

Then this

In the end, the profit was little:

Does the following series of tweets tie in seamlessly with that Shell message? More companies with this dilemma; Everyone speaks sustainably with their mouths, but not their wallets:

Another thing, something with raw materials and not always volunteer work:

And another dilemma:

Europe simply does not have an energy strategy. China does:


Enjoy and good luck today.

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