Wccftech: Nvidia RTX 4070 Ti gets $799 MSRP – PC News

Bad excuse.

Previous price brackets have been stable for years and may have corrected for inflation, but you know that for about €600 you’re done with the top model, €150 and 10 percent less performance you have the middle class, and then a big step below that entry level.

Since Apple tested it on (and dumped) the (significantly) higher price since the Model X, nVidia has copied this trick nicely, which has gone hand in hand with the cryptocurrency mining and cryptocurrency journey.

There’s no doubt they’ve made great strides in raw performance in the last decade, but that doesn’t affect the economic rating at all unless people keep paying it.

And then you can kindly say: buy a cheaper card. But then you have very little performance progression, so you’re basically destroying capital.

Now it turns out that after the first wave nVidia didn’t really get away with cards because people were starting to see it as silly to charge the price of a used car for a video card that should last a year or two. It only really makes sense if you can save time (and therefore more work) and make money with it, otherwise it’s really a lot of capital for 80% of the gaming market. Time will tell, but the goodness factor has now been lost by nVidia.

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