February 7, 2023

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Warframe now includes cross-play and cross-save option coming later – Games – News

The free-to-play Warframe shooter has had cross-play functionality since Friday. This ensures that players on PC and console can play with each other. The cross-save feature, which allows players to carry over their progress from one platform to another, will be released at a later date.

The cross-play function is optional and can be turned on or off in the options menu. writes developer Digital Extremes. Players from all platforms can communicate via cross-play via text chat, or join teams through friends list or crowd matchmaking. Players can also meet each other at Relays and Dojos. In-game voice chat is not currently available for cross-play.

To identify players of the same name on different platforms, the player’s handle is assigned a number. This suffix is ​​only needed when players want to invite someone to their team or chat with other players with the same name. Players can find their number on their profile in the game menu. Furthermore, console players have the option to use spaces in their Warframe handle.

Developer Digital Extremes has cross-play and cross-save feature announced last year During Warframe’s annual TennoCon conference. The features were supposed to be released simultaneously, but cross-save is still being worked on, says Digital Extremes. A mobile version of Warframe was also announced during TennoCon 2021. It was supposed to be released this year, but since the announcement, Digital Extremes has shared few details about the mobile version. Warframe is available for Windows, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch consoles.