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Security researchers from the Free University of Amsterdam have discovered a new vulnerability in Specter. This vulnerability affects many recent Intel processors and some Arm CPUs. Both companies come with security updates that should solve the problem.

security researchers Call history branch attack injection, also known as BHI or Specter-BHB. It is a new variant of the existing Specter-V2 vulnerability. Researchers when Evidence for the concept of exploitation made That allows them to intercept the kernel memory of modern Intel CPUs. In a video, for example, researchers know a enter root To be leaked on a system with Intel Core i7-10700K. Some Arm CPUs are also affected, although the vulnerability does not appear to affect AMD processors. writes Phoronix

BHI can bypass hardware mitigations for Specter-V2, such as eIBRS and CSV2. The new vulnerability allows hackers Predict entries injection in Global branch prediction history Hence kernel data leakage.

Intel published a complete list With processors susceptible to Specter-BHB. It shows that all chips released by the company since 2013 are at risk; The list begins with the Haswell generation and also includes consumer Alder Lake processors and Ice Lake server processors. Intel releases security updates and mitigations for the vulnerability. For example, this was already implemented in Linux kernel 5.16 and added retroactively to older kernel versions.

Several arm cores are also at risk, including Cortex A15, A57, A78, X1 and X2, which are used in smartphones, for example. Neoverse N2, Neoverse N1 and V1 cores for servers and HPC purposes are also at risk. Arm also comes with updates that should alleviate issues. AMD chips do not appear to be affected. Intel vulnerabilities are tracked CVE-2022-0001 And the CVE-2022-0002† The arm used CVE-2022-23960

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