Volt: Quick Emergency Plan to Save Energy, No Greenhouse Choice

Volt: Quick Emergency Plan to Save Energy, No Greenhouse Choice

The political party Wohlt wants to put in place a contingency plan to save energy soon. The Netherlands and Europe must become independent of Russian gas and to save energy “all taboos must be removed.” “Painful choices are part of that,” party leader Dassen said at a rally organized by the pro-European party for the first time.

Dassen has a lot of ideas for a contingency plan. For example, the party wants companies that make luxury products, steel or aluminum, to produce less. She says households that reduce their energy consumption should receive a one-time bonus next year suggestion from volt.


At the festival, Dassen said we should also look at things we considered natural, like growing all kinds of crops in Dutch greenhouses. “Cucumber cultivation in winter. Flowers that grow in greenhouses while it freezes outside.”

The party also opposes making coal-fired power plants run faster, such as Climate Minister Gettin announced Monday† Coal-fired power plants emit a lot of carbon dioxide, which makes achieving climate goals even more difficult. The party wants the Netherlands to take another step. “From the old world—the world of oil, gas, and coal, to the new world of windmills, solar panels, hydrogen, nuclear, and other sustainable alternatives.”

The party also opposes the import of liquefied natural gas and liquefied natural gas. “We should not adopt the more harmful LNG as an alternative, as we are seeing it now in Europe.”

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