Voice Kids winner Emma suffers ‘indescribable pain’ in hospital after investigation problem | show

Voice Kids winner Emma suffers 'indescribable pain' in hospital after investigation problem |  show

Singer Emma Cook (13), who last year won the final season of The Voice KidsShe was treated in hospital today due to problems with the tube she relies on for feeding. The operation went well, but the “pain is indescribable.”

The young artist writes this on Instagram today. She was in ‘a lot of pain’ for a few weeks about the so-calledMicrophone switch buttonThis is a silicone feeding tube that is inserted through the abdominal wall into the stomach. The pain was probably related to the size of the probe, which has been the same throughout her life. The girl is clearly older and the hope is that the longer button will help.

Yesterday she wrote: “I just cried a good cry because I was in shock.” “I’m very nervous at the moment because the last time was the first time without anesthesia and then there was a blockage.” Since she was helped with the button recently, she already knew this would never happen again. The treatment went well today, but it was heavy.

“It was very painful, but I went through it!” Emma says happily. “The pain you feel at that moment is indescribable. Too bad. But then I went shopping with my mom. This encouraged me so much (…) I am now recovering from this morning, because I was very weak in my leg because of the tension. Tonight I’m going to Nick Simon with mom and dad.

stomach paralysis

Emma has been dependent on tube feeding since her birth due to stomach paralysis. In everyday life, she always carries a backpack with two pumps that take care of her nutrition. She often had surgery, her growth was stunted and she was often bullied in the past because of her backpack. She previously described her participation in the talent show RTL 4 as “big nose to bullies. “

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The girl also wanted to support other children in similar situations. “I don’t want anyone to be ashamed of tube feeding anymore. [Andere kinderen] You’re Never Alone: ​​Maybe We Can Talk About It Together” L1.

After years of carrying only backpacks, today she also bought handbags to carry pumps as a bonus. You find it “cooler”.

The combat singer was tested with a suitable song, warrior by Demi Lovato. The four coaches turned their seats and gave her a standing ovation:

She finally won over a year ago Season 10 of talent show. Because of the scandal surrounding sexual aggressive behavior in the adult version Holland sound RTL will not be broadcasting any version of the show at this time.

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