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What I find most interesting are the improvements to the Linux VMs. You can use Rosetta2 in the latest version of macOS (Ventura) so that all x86 translations can be done locally in macOS. Also, in part due to the development of Asahi Linux (I believe), progress is being made with GPU drivers, as described in the VMWare update blog;

Enhanced Linux VM support on Apple Silicon
Working with different operating system communities and open source projects such as Mesa and Linux, as well as our own open vm tools, we’ve made many improvements on Linux to Apple’s silicon experience. Updated patches to address a variety of kernel-related issues, as well as improvements to the Mesa SVGA graphics driver to bring 3D hardware acceleration and OpenGL 4.3 + GLES 3.1 support for Linux VMs with Mesa 22.1.1 and later. (Note: Requires 3D and OpenGL 4.3 5.19 kernel and Mesa 22.1.1 or later).

I think it’s also easier and faster to use Linux VM + Wine to run Windows applications instead of Windows. Hopefully after the exclusive deal on ARM Windows there will be a public release of Windows ARM so that developments can go faster. The biggest drawback is still the GPU driver.

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