Vinchenzo wins the second season of Better Than Ever

Vinchenzo wins the second season of Better Than Ever

Six weeks later, it’s time: the “Better Than Ever” grand series finale. The remaining candidates give it all up to go home with €25,000 in music money, but in the end, Vincenzo (23) wins. After his solo and duet performances with Waylon (42), he was crowned the season’s biggest winner by his fellow nominees.

Then my life suddenly changed from a student to an artist.

Vincenzo sings the song in the finale man in the mirror And then he gets a standing ovation: “That’s great,” Martin Crabbe praises. The number has a special meaning for Vincenzo. He is a huge fan of Michael Jackson, but that also means that he finds it very exciting to pick a song from his idol.

Five weeks ago, Vincenzo performed for the first time at the The best I can be In that episode, he talked about a breakthrough after that Netherlands Voice: Then my life suddenly changed from a student to an artist. Although he is allowed to perform all over the country and release many songs, his ambitions are too great. He moves outside, and then it becomes eerily quiet around Vincenzo. He wants to reintroduce himself in the Netherlands with his new music: “I now have a different vision of music, I’ve evolved in it and I’ve learned a lot about it.”

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For the final duet, Vincenzo chose to sing the song with Waylon How come, how long to sing. Although the audience is very excited about his first performance, profit does not come to him naturally. He still has to compete against Julia Zahra. When Martijn Krabbé asked Vincenzo what he would do with the prize money, he said, “When I put out a song, I always think it’s cool to shoot a really cool video with it. There’s always some money involved.” With all the new songs Vincenzo wants to release this year, he could put the money to good use.

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When Vincenzo heard that he had won a little later, his mouth opened in surprise. He’d like to thank a few people afterward: “First of all, I’d like to give Julia a round of standing ovations. I also want a very loud ovation for all my fellow nominees out there on the bench. And I also want to thank the band, because you’ve been amazing.” Vincenzo closes the program with these beautiful words.

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