Viewers were touched by the duo of Bill Perez and Carso: ‘Tears run down my cheeks’ | to watch

Viewers were touched by the duo of Bill Perez and Carso: 'Tears run down my cheeks' |  to watch

best singersBelle Perez and Karsu have viewers from Dear singers I was deeply impressed tonight with their duo. The singers brought their own version of the French song I am sick by Lara Fabian. Broadcaster Jan Smit also had teary eyes. One viewer tweeted: “I don’t get it, but I get goosebumps all over.”

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In the last episode of this season of Dear singers Artists can choose one of their colleagues to sing a duet. Singer Carso Donmez, 31, had her eye on Bill Perez, who is best known for her Spanish-language songs. Perez, who lives in Belgium and is also fluent in French, was the perfect candidate to sing a duet with Carso. Carso chose the song I am sick Written by Lara Fabian, and partially translated into Turkish by a good friend. “I talked to her a lot. About everything I’ve been through in life, I’ve known very dark black days. I listened and put all my feelings on paper. Then I approached Bill. I thought if I could choose someone: I want to do it with Bill.”

The pair had an important meaning for Carso. For me, after my dark days, this is the first song I’m going to sing now that I’m really singing about what I’ve been through. So it’s very special to me.” Although the song didn’t carry much of an emotional charge to Perez, I am sick She has been on her Spotify playlist for “years”. “So I think it’s cool. I really think it’s a gift that we’re going to sing tonight.”

The 45-year-old Perez began the first notes for the song and soon colleagues, including Joe Buck, Anke van Gersbergen and Aledes, looked on with apprehension. The song came so intensely with presenter Jan Smit that tears were in his eyes. Karsu’s part, where feelings were both visible and audible, also clearly entered into other artists. There was a whisper of “wow” and then the duo received a standing ovation.

Bill Perez in Carso at Best Zangers

Bill Perez in Carso at Best Zangers © NPO


It was kind of an almost religious experience. Hendrik Jan Bookers said, “It wasn’t what happened there, it wasn’t normal. Jan Smit was also confused. I’ve been sitting here on the bench for ten seasons now and I think that was the most beautiful duo I’ve ever seen. From the bottom of my heart.” “

Not only were the artists deeply affected by the singers’ duets, but viewers at home were also impressed. Some even shed a tear. Compliments poured in to the duo on Twitter. ‘So you tell a story! Je suis malade, what a wonderful performance, ”one wrote. Another: ‘Tears my cheek for a duet I did not understand a word, but the expression said enough and sang ridiculously beautiful!

Bill Perez in Carso at Best Zangers

Bill Perez in Carso at Best Zangers © NPO

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