Viewers were stunned when Hanneke was forced to return home in a one-for-50 after pressing the wrong button: “Next level sour” | show

Viewers were stunned when Hanneke was forced to return home in a one-for-50 after pressing the wrong button: "Next level sour" |  show

Hanneke was the second contestant in the first episode of the game’s new season last night. She set out to work actively, and regarding the third question – about pop music – she said that she wanted to ask the difficult question as a music lover.

This question “Which singer have we heard here?” It turned out to be simple for her. I heard the song as it wasKnow that the correct answer should be Harry Styles and not Duncan Laurence or Justin Bieber, the other answer options. “It’s answer C,” she said as she hit the button, without looking at what exactly she was doing. Duncan Laurence’s name lit: Hanneke pressed the center button. The error.

Hanneke puts her hand over her mouth, and Caroline Tensen looks at her in surprise: “You say Harry Styles but you press Duncan Laurence.” There was no second chance. “Unfortunately, what you press is the important answer.” The introduction still tells Hanneke that she “was pretty good,” and begins by explaining that Harry Styles was previously a member of the boy band One Direction and telling her own story. “Whatever you might be interested in, I just knew.”

Some home viewers – 920,000 views one for 50 On Twitter, they expressed their astonishment at the strict rules of the game. “What a stupid” and “pathetic” and “next stage as they think. Someone writes: “Can’t there be an objection to this?” Another: “Give her a second chance or, if necessary, let her use this escape to answer this question.” Another tweeter described it as:chasing a million dollars-misprint’, referring to Arrold van den Hurk who participated in chasing a million dollars A few years ago I accidentally pressed the stop button and tried to get another chance as much as the judge. By the way in vain.

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Hanneke never got her second chance. She came home with a little consolation: the 1,250 euros she collected with the first questions.

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