Viewers want their very own B&B Vol Liefde Romana

Viewers want their very own B&B Vol Liefde Romana

Romana, the latest He decided to leave Bert, his residence, and his breakfasttell in Humberto Candid about their participation. For example, she initially found it difficult to see herself on TV: “I think I showed how I used to be. But I had to get used to seeing yourself that way.”

In addition, she says that she did not speak to Burt after her goodbye. After watching footage of him emotionally reacting to her decision to leave his cottage, she said, “I don’t think he was affected by my leaving. I just think in general, we’ve been there for two weeks already. I think he had other things on his mind.”

Many viewers can appreciate Romana’s “Dutch sobriety” and hope she gets her own show, as can be read on Twitter. “I really think Romana is an amazing woman! Haha! Yes a woman! Can’t she have her own show? Beautiful straightforward, I love her!” and “Can we give Romana her own show?” TLC, isn’t that for you? Humberto It looked purely to her, what is written. You can read more comments below.

Not just for Bert, it came as a surprise that Romana decided to leave his bed and breakfast, for many viewers as well. The harmony between the two splashed across the screen, as evidenced by the video below.

b & with love It can be seen every Monday through Thursday at 8.30pm on RTL4 or check out Videoland.

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