Viewers find ‘relief’ for Hélène Hendriks at HLF8

Viewers find 'relief' for Hélène Hendriks at HLF8

Although it’s not the first time that Helen has hosted a talk show, the presenter knows his viewers HLF8 It’s amazing though. They write all kinds of sweet words about her on Twitter. For example, someone might say, ‘All praise. I master it.’ “What a relief” and “Excellently done” is what it sounds like. The presenter also seems to have attracted some new viewers, because some on Twitter are saying, “I never watch, but now I watch.”

It remains to be seen if Johnny will give way to Helen more often. If all goes well, we can expect the presenter again this evening behind his trusted desk. †[Hij] Tomorrow will be better, Helen said last night. If it were up to the viewers, the announcer would keep Johnny’s chair warm for a while: “Let Johnny take the time to get sick,” one writes. “Best broadcast ever.” It is not clear what exactly Johnny owns.

HLF8 It can be seen on SBS6 every business day at 7.30pm.

This isn’t the first time Helen has taken charge from a broadcaster. Earlier last year, she had to fill in Wilfred Jenny’s place summer orange. Until then, Hélène had scored well with viewers and our entertainment expert Rob Goossens was also a fan.

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