Viewers can bargain at Massa not seen in Casa: ‘Very embarrassing’

Viewers can bargain at Massa not seen in Casa: 'Very embarrassing'

Nicole’s parents, Mickey and Johnny, have been going on vacation to Spain during the winter for years to escape the cold. Nicole and Peter could also take a vacation and travel after them. Where Nicole’s parents are staying in a modest vacation home, Peter goes out with a beautiful penthouse apartment. It soon turned out that he wanted to cut back on the rest as much as possible, because instead of eating some delicious tapas, they chose a Dutch snack bar around the corner.

When Nicole doesn’t feel like going shopping late, Peter makes sure she’s not spending too much money. In a kiosk wearing scarves, the seller barks that 8 euros for a scarf is really a lot of money, after which a real “negotiation war” breaks out. When the seller finally agreed to Peter’s proposal, it turned out that he was still not satisfied. “Tell him to hurry up,” he snaps at Nicole. “Okay, Alibaba,” he continues, “you made your sales today.” With viewers at home, Peter’s behavior isn’t going well:

By the way, the two are not just for fun in Spain. Nicole also wants to get some inspiration for one of her latest business plans, creating an intimacy shop. Peter has to swallow when he is informed of her plans:

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