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In Victoria it is mainly about population and ideological and economic developments.
It’s about the Industrial Revolution, and all the social concepts that follow. Secularization, socialism, etc. But also ethnic or national identity.

Your peoples/countries consist of groups of people (“pops”), for example, you could have a group of Dutch farmers, Frisian farmers, Dutch factory workers, Dutch clergy, and Frisian capitalists in the North Holland Province (to name a few).
How will you send your country? Centralization, decentralization? Power for the Church, for the capitalists or for the factory workers? Do you allow your ethnic identity to emerge or do you suppress it? (Frisian rebels in northern Holland?)
These are the issues you are dealing with.
Add some economic development to that: What resources does the county have? How is literacy? What about import/export? How are the factories on the train developed? As well as “only” some grand strategy, waging war, etc.
But every time you go back to “pops”. Then Belgium invaded. And now you have a group of Flemish and Walloon Catholics in your country, how do you deal with that? What is the effect of that?

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