Verstappen takes the pole in the US: “obviously not expected”

Verstappen takes the pole in the US: "obviously not expected"

Speed ​​on a lap was the main stumbling block Sergio Perez In his first Red Bull months, Austin did more than discipline. After the first runs, the Mexican appeared on the way to the pole, although Verstappen was finally able to come. “My first run in Q3 was no better,” the Dutchman said immediately. “It started to rain lightly on the last lap, especially on the last field. So I’m not sure if it’s enough for me to improve. But being on the pole and with P1 and P3 is a great decision for the team.”

It brings a certain amount of relief, in addition to happiness. “Often it’s not so easy for me, it’s not all weekend. Somehow I do not get the fold times I wanted, because I do not have the right balance in the car. Verstappen says in front of the camera Gigo game Until then it has been a welcome boost for Limburger. “Before we got here, I didn’t expect it to be honest. But as a team we straightened it out.”

Perez: ‘Polar lost by raindrops’

The latter is also seen in Perez’s excellent performance. “Unfortunately, my last lap was not enough. I progressed a little in the first field, but after that I could not continue. I saw Delta sink. ”However, that does not change the fact that the Mexican will then address reporters with a smile. “I was close. As a team we did a great job.”

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The best teamwork in battle is called Lewis Hamilton. Britain were able to maneuver between the Red Bulls, so with Verstappen in the front row of the stage. “I think people will want to see it,” Verstappen replied with a wink. “We believe in a good start and then as a team we need to work together to get the maximum result.” Verstappen will start in media like Hamilton and Perez. The latter looks at opportunities in advance because tire wear will play a key role in COTA. “It’s a long race and tire wear is definitely going to be very high here. I think even the starting position is not that important in that sense.”

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