Verstappen ‘opens big door’ with impressive win in America



Monday, April 24, 2023 10:17 – Last Updated: 11:29

Max Verstappen has already taken two wins in Formula 1 this season and we now know that the Verstappen name is inextricably linked to victory. Verstappen won a race this weekend, although the story is a little different than you might think.

We are only three races into the current season and the drivers can already enjoy some time off. The previous weekend’s scheduled Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai was cancelled, leaving a four-week gap in the calendar. Most drivers are taking the opportunity to recharge their batteries once again towards the jam-packed calendar on this year’s schedule. For example, George Russell was at the Monte Carlo Masters to support Novak Djokovic and Alex Alban was in Hawaii to snorkel.

Verstappen wins

We still have a few days to wait until we can experience Formula 1 racing again, and in the meantime the drivers are all spending the spring break in different ways. Verstappen also fills his time in his own way, but a race won by Verstappen last weekend, in which it was not a virtual sim race or even a motorsport race, is what we can call a remarkable story.

Special race

This is the horse named after Verstappen. Jockey Declan Cannon with Verstappen in last weekend’s Elkhorn Stakes (G2T) at Keeneland, Kentucky beat nearest challenger Red Knight by a photo finish with a time of 2:29.28. “When we came here, we said if he got in the top three, it would open a huge door for him. I don’t think we’ve seen him yet,” said frontman Brendan B. Walsh said proudly. Either way, the horse looks like a Formula 1 driver. He also seems to be getting better every week and the best is yet to come.

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