Verdict in the US: Two Groone Mayers on stage in Moosup

Verdict in the US: Two Groone Mayers on stage in Moosup

Elrica CBF Gruen AA (Norbert 444 x Eric 351) was crowned champion at the test held in Moosup, Connecticut, USA, on Monday, October 2. Like Elrika, overall reserve champion Gruen: Ilisa from Stahl Hogwald Gruen AA (Sake 449 x Beard 411).

AA and Grune on the same day

Six-year-old Elrika started the inspection day with 77 points for her IBOP harness test. said jury member John Hellincks, who presides over the 3rd Circuit in the United States with Franz Smits. ‘Kane walks well uphill, has space and poise in her stride, but can show more transition ability. She was introduced very friendly, industrious and easily moved.’ In addition to her AA forecast, the mare, bred by Michael Langelier from Kafka Farms, took first premium in the study, took the day championship and was crowned. John Hellincks describes, ‘A modern mare with lots of race, luxury and hard legs. ‘Her hooves could have been a little more generous. The gait is active and with good tact. Trot is powerful.’

Crown mare Yilsa Reserve Overall Champion

Her second on the podium was Ilisa from Stahl Hogwald Gruen AA (Sake 499 x Beard 411), who previously received an AA forecast and became Gruen after her first premium. Bred by PGJ Gantevoort, owned by Justin and Daniel Piasik, eight-year-old Ylisa combines breed type with a lot of front and a bit of classic mold. ‘She has a strong upper structure and is built slightly downward. She has a wider step and could show a little more flexibility. She has a strong hind leg, good use of back and a generous front leg.’

Two first premium foal champions

The filly championship went to Zariah (Alvin 469 x Ulbert 390) of Windy Hollow Farm, who received first premium and was with her surrogate mother. “She is stately, with a noble head, a persevering gait and light legs with plenty of carriage,” praised John Hellinx. Reserve is the well built Wynter van Brookside (Sjouke 453 x Tsjalke 397). Among the colts, the win went to Witker van Winsom (Jehannes 484 x Meinde 490), who won first premium with his generous growth and plenty of poise, space and switching ability. Modern Wynn AHF (Norbert 444 x Jasper 366) became reserve champion among colts.

Two star trees

In the class with four-year-old and older foal book mares, the Janneck fan Hardenberg Steer (Norbert 444 x Fritsche 423) received the Steer with the second premium. The long lined mare has a nice breed with a long neck and her legs are a little more correct. ‘She has a wide, active gait and takes wide steps at the trot, uphill and with action in her legs.’
Of the three studbook mares examined, the Lada BB sire (Hazel 480 x Date 477) received a star with the second premium. Lada is a good breed type with a youthful appearance, a small noble head. ‘Her front leg could be a little longer, she walked with tact and space, and she could rise a little more in her path.

Stallions and geldings

Among geldings, Henk F. Van de Sprang Steer (Alvin 469 x Heinz 354) became a star and champion. The four-year-old gelding has a beautiful wallpaper, proportional structure and legs of sufficient quality. “He walked easily with space and flexibility,” John Hellincks said. ‘He can get a bit higher on the throttle forearm.’ The reserve championship for geldings went to Guillermo Steer (Deed 392 x Anne 340), who had already received his steer forecast. A strong enough back for a long-lined gelding, he walked wide and with good tact, and his trot was sufficiently upward, although he could have had a little more speed in the hindquarters.
Among the stallions, the championship went to the two-year-old Ball of Sea Santee Farm (Tsjalle 454 x Maeije 440) with the long-line grappling stallion Visual Perfecti (Eze 489 x Felle 422) the reserve champion.

Kudos to Sjouke 453 and Wolfert 467

Jury members were presented with two KFPS studbook stallions. 18-year-old Sjouke 453 (Doaitsen 420 x Jelte 365) and 16-year-old Wolfert 467 (Felle 422 x Jakob 302) were shown in long lines. Both stallions showed themselves to be in excellent condition and still managed to show enthusiasm and ability befitting their age.

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