Vera Wang shocks the internet with her real age: ‘She looks like 25’

Vera Wang shocks the internet with her real age: 'She looks like 25'

The fashion icon really went viral when she posted pictures on her Instagram account of a very bare body. Her followers were very impressed and “shocked” by her appearance. Also last week, the 72-year-old surprised everyone with her youthful appearance on the red carpet for the Breast Cancer Research Fund (BCRF) Hot Pink Party.

For the occasion, the designer wore a shimmering pink dress with a plunging neckline. She completed her look with a matching headpiece, a sparkling diamond necklace, and black studs.

However, not everyone is talking about this flawless red carpet look. “Wow, Vera, you look like 25 to me,” leave one in the comments. “How can she look so amazing at 72?” someone else asks. Another follower joked that she must be a vampire and another wrote that she wanted to look like this later.

employment Persons Vera previously told her big secret to in shape to remain. According to the wedding dress giant, she owes her symmetrical body to a combination of “work, sleep, not a lot of sunlight, and vodka cocktails.” She also does exercise “intermittently”.

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