March 21, 2023

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Venezuela’s opposition demands full independence for former deputy Juan Reigns, detained during Maduro regime three years ago

Former President Juan Quito and former Vice President Juan Requense want “complete independence” (Photo: EFE)

Juan Guido, interim president of Venezuela He asked former Vice President Juan Requense this Saturday to have “complete freedom”, his custody is three years old, He is currently under house arrest on charges of plotting to assassinate dictator Nicolas Maduro.

“Today, August 7, 3 years after the abduction of Juan Requense For raising a voice against dictatorship. He is an honest man who should be in complete freedom, As well as all political prisoners in Venezuela, ”the interim president wrote on his Twitter account.

As for the opponent, the “witness of the struggle” of the former legislator who started his political career in a student movement like his gives him “strength”. On August 28 last year, Reigns was released from prison for 752 days of house arrest.

The news was released by President Guido on Saturday
The news was released by President Guido on Saturday

At the time, his lawyer, Joel Garcia, a former Member of Parliament, explained that his detention had been “relocated” and that he was “at his home in police custody”..

Refuses He was arrested and charged as part of a failed attack on a Maduro victim by a drone loaded with explosives. From then until he was placed under house arrest, he was detained at El Helicoid, the center of the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (CEP).

The politician’s father, named Juan Recusens, wrote on Twitter hours ago that he was his son “Looking to the future, keeping the fighting mentality intact without hatred or resentment.”

“Bet on the Venezuela we love with the message of hope, strength and unity”, He insisted.

Requense was arrested and charged as part of a failed attack on a Maduro victim with a bomb-laden drone
Requense was arrested and charged as part of a failed attack on a Maduro victim with a bomb-laden drone

In the same sense it was expressed Miguel PizarroHenrique Gabrielles, a two-time presidential candidate and a member of the Frequent Justice Party “They accused him of crimes he did not commit.”

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Prevention, Isolation and Torture

Former Venezuelan vice Juan asks Carlos Martinez He was detained at El Helicoid, One of the headquarters Bolivarian Intelligence Service (SEBIN), Almost two years since August 7, 2018. Intelligence agencies linked the assassination attempt on Nicolas Maduro by drones two days ago during the Bolivarian National Guard celebration.

By then he had experienced parliamentary immunity, regardless. Requisition Martinez was violently detained when he arrived at his apartment In the company of his sister Rafaela Requins.

Ex-spouse isolated for three months in horrific psychological torture (Photo: Bloggers)
Ex-spouse isolated for three months in horrific psychological torture (Photo: Bloggers)

They isolated him for three months, In horrific psychological torture. They did not allow him any human contact. His family left him food every day not knowing if he had received it or not. Later, he learned of the food his parents had left for him It was incomplete, built, and often spit out By Sebin’s associates.

There was even a video where he was seen as not controlling his will, with his underwear completely littered and when he was photographed he caused national and international outrage.

When Maduro fired the General Gustavo Gonzalez Lopez And was replaced by the General on October 29, 2018 Manuel Ricardo Christopher Figueroa, The situation of requisitions is considerably different. This is the first time he has been seen by family and lawyers. I.e., The deputy was detained for almost three months in violation of human rights and due process.

From there they allowed him 20 minutes to visit once a week. Then they let him in twice; The family traveled for three hours from 11 a.m. to noon, Thursday and Sunday and one hour on Monday for the attorney’s visit. The fate of the young parliamentarian was quite different from that of other opponents who had long been uncompromising. The Requests were in the forefront against Savismo.

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In the most shocking speech of the Member of Parliament on the podium of the National Assembly, the young legislator told the nation: “The misery we live in Venezuela has no other choice but because some bad things, out of power, they are sticking to maintain it and manage the corpses of Venezuelans who die every day in this country.

Requests were part of the student movement formed in 2007 (Photo: Selectors)
Requests were part of the student movement formed in 2007 (Photo: Selectors)

“Many of us here, many who are watching us and many political leaders across the country, I can assure you that we have given everything; we voted, we walked away, we fought against the guerrillas, bullets, repression, threats, harassment, comrades outside the country. Is Nicolas Maduro going to tell me that I cannot say that I am the party of the murderers associated with the worst crimes that have taken place in this Republic, that I cannot demonstrate, that I cannot prove it?”.

I refuse to surrender, I refuse to kneel before those who think to break our resolve today. Many of our brothers are underground because they were killed because Nicholas killed them. The only strategy of the dictatorship is to crush all who think differently, “he told a gallery of speakers during a session before his arrest.

UN Human Rights Council Michael is a bachelorDemanded Immediate release of Deputy Leader of the Opposition Juan Reigns Through the report of his working group in Venezuela.

Requests, a member of the Primaro Justice Party, were produced before Judge Carol Felix Patila Reyes de Areretta’s Counter-Terrorism Control Court. The trial was adjourned at least a dozen times. The preliminary investigation was finally completed and he was interrogated.

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The MP’s father was an ardent defender of his son’s innocence, And has risen to seek justice; He is a retired lieutenant colonel and orthopedist in the Army Juan Guillermo denies Grooper. When Infobe Asked if his son had spoken out of prison about the current political situation in the country, he immediately replied that yes, it was his permanent concern.

(With information from Efe)