Vault of the destroyed tomb of Bredanaar Cor Vermeulen opened for reburial

Dochter Lisa-Marie met Elvis-attributen bij de grafkelder van vader Cor.
Daughter Lisa Marie with Elvis traits in Father Cor’s burial vault.

On Monday, the Breda resident Cor Vermeulen was removed from his burial vault at Zwillen Cemetery in Breda and reburied in a temporary location. This was necessary because the tomb in which Vermeulen was lying had risen tens of centimeters due to the heavy rain.

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Daughter Lisa Marie, who was allowed to be present with family and friends at the opening of the burial vault, relives this event with great warmth and love. “My father has just finished and is now in a makeshift burial vault. He is in a white coffin and as soon as the coffin is above the ground, we carefully dug it.”

The Breda resident Cor Vermeulen, who died at the end of May at the age of 61 and received a theatrical “royal” funeral on June 6, was removed from his grave on Monday morning and reburied.

We made sure to do so with respect and peace.”

“This is the first time we’ve experienced this,” says director Roel Stuber van Zuelen. We made sure that this was done with respect and peace. Mother, daughter and some friends were there.” The burial vault was opened and the coffin was lifted and placed in a temporary burial vault on Monday morning.

“To prevent people who didn’t know about this from getting caught up in this, we also protected it with black plastic fences,” Stapper says. “Before the actual reburial, we actually opened the vault to check the condition of the coffin and whether there was water in the burial vault.”

“It was good to have daddy again.”

“It all went well, in peace,” adds Lisa Marie. “We also played music from Elvis during the party especially for my dad, who was the biggest fan of Elvis on earth. Dad’s reburial coincides with the anniversary of Elvis’ death.”

“Corr managed to get a scarf from him during Elvis’ last concert, and that scarf was also present as a symbol at the reburial. It was good to have Dad with us again.”

The vault of the destroyed tomb of Bredanaar Cor Vermeulen opened for reburial (Photo: Lisa-Marie Vermeulen)
The vault of the destroyed tomb of Bredanaar Cor Vermeulen opened for reburial (Photo: Lisa-Marie Vermeulen)

Daughter Lisa Marie stresses that she would like to thank all parties involved in the restoration of the original burial vault from the bottom of her heart. “Everyone really thought of us, thank you for that.”

In the world of re-enactments, re-enactments of historical events, Cor Vermeulen was the absolute king during his lifetime. He loved to play the Princes of Nassau in Breda, played the villain Lange Pier of the Floris series with complete conviction, was an Elvis expert par excellence and did a thousand other things.

Gorgeous funeral Cor Vermeulen in Breda
Gorgeous funeral Cor Vermeulen in Breda

On Sunday 6 June, after a meeting at the Grote Kerk in Breda and accompanied by hundreds of fantasy players, Cor Vermeulen was taken to his final resting place at Zuylen Cemetery.

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