Vanguard – buy, budget fund or scrap?

Vanguard - buy, budget fund or scrap?

Welcome to the short review of Call of Duty: Vanguard. It is the latest installment in the series. It takes place in World War II and has different modes. So you have Multiplayer, Campaign and zombie mode. A month later, of course, the new map of the war zone. Which would be better? What about the rest of the game? Will this be the fall stopper for shooters? Or would it be better to wait for Battlefield 2042 or who knows, even Halo Infinte? You may also be interested in how it works on different consoles. Do you really need a PS5 for this? Or is it possible to do on PS4? And finally the main question. Buy, budget fund or demolish?

Back to World War II in the vanguard

In the new segment she returns to WW2. It wasn’t long ago that COD picked this trend either. The previous game, aptly titled Call of Duty WW2, came out in 2017. This was about 4 years ago. So the question is, did Vanguard bring anything new? Or is it really more of the same. Are there other new things in the game? Play wise for example.

Buy, budget fund or demolish?

In addition to, Call of duty Single player mode. Is this fat? How is the story? Attractive or a dime? How is the zombie situation? Is this fat? Is it still good to shoot zombies? Or does it seem like a mandatory number? And how are the maps in multiplayer? Is there a lot of variety in the different maps? Or are they all a lot alike? How is the scale going? Are there new ways? Lots of cool weapons? In short, will it be a buy, a budget, or a scrap? You’ll hear and see it all in this short Call of Duty Vanguard review.

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