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Steam now defaults to the revamped Big Picture mode, which is similar to the SteamOS interface. Valve makes this known in the patch notes for the new Steam update. A beta version of the new Big Picture Mode design has been available since late last year.

Valve brought The update for the Steam client will be released on Wednesday evening. After installing this, the new Big Picture Mode interface will be available to all users by default. According to the game giant, the update will be installed automatically when you start Steam. The Big Picture design is based on the Steam Deck console interface, which in turn uses the SteamOS Linux distribution. The updated interface appeared already in October Available in the Steam beta.

Big Picture mode is also getting several new options with the update. In this way, users can now use this mode in windowsmode, where previously Steam Big Picture only ran in full screen. Users can adjust this in the settings under Display, Large Picture Mode, and Windowed Mode. The mode will also receive a “Quick Tour”, which users will see when they enter the mode for the first time. In addition, Valve is making several minor changes and bug fixes.

The old big picture mode remains
Available with option
– big picture

For now, the old Big Picture mode can still be used. A command line option should be set for this, Valve reports. Users can do this by right-clicking on their Steam shortcut, then choosing Properties or Properties. -oldbigpicture to be added after “target”. Valve confirms that this option will disappear in a future update. It is not known exactly when that will happen.

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The new Big Picture Mode design was introduced last year in SteamOS 3, a new version of Valve’s Linux distribution that’s currently only available for the Steam Deck. SteamOS 3 will eventually be available for PC. Valve said late last year In an interview with Tweakers The company is currently working hard on it, though Valve hasn’t yet been able to share a specific release schedule.

In addition to the new look, the new Big Picture mode also has a new home screen. Displays recently played games and news about games from the user’s library. The search function also provides the ability to search not only the library, but also the store and friends list. The interface for customizing console layouts has also been modified. The new design can also be seen at in the game overlay from Steam.

Steam Big Picture mode with SteamOS design
The new Steam Big Picture Mode interface with a SteamOS-like design

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