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If Spotify can tell you’re secretly a huge fan of Tibetan throat singing, there’s no reason Steam can’t support you, too. Guilty pleasures Recognizable. Enters Steam Replay, a roundup of the most played games from the past year.

led has The new feature From the gaming platform that was first introduced this year. Steam Replay is seen by default when users open their app on their PC or phone, but there are also direct link to the tool. The Year in Steam Review is a summary of what a gamer has done in Steam, similar to what more and more online subscription services like Spotify have been doing in recent years.

Steam Replay shows users which games they’ve launched the most or played for the longest overall. You can also see where they played, what genres the player prefers, and which players prefer to play with keyboard and mouse. In addition, there is also an annual overview, such as which month the game was most popular or which genre the player liked the most in which month. It is even possible Achievements Compared to other Steam players – you may have become the best at something this year!

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