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It’s very hard to explain these things in text, especially since everyone handles their buffers differently

Sorry for the wall of text

I try to explain it differently:

– At the beginning of this year, when I went to reserve the deck, I had the full amount of the Deck, I didn’t know then that you can’t pay it directly

– Let’s say this was possible, I have a buffer of higher accounts

– Regardless of any lack of news, after booking, I was notified, like many people, (on Steam) that it will be delivered “after October Q3” (it says verbatim on My Steam “Expected order availability: After Q3 (October 2022)” or later)”)

– My partner and I came to the conclusion that an old appliance in the kitchen can be replaced, because if you can’t pay for Steam Deck immediately and it goes out after the specified date, we can now replace this appliance with a model that consumes less electricity (due to the higher costs of gas and electricity that we have had since the end of last year)

– The bills were higher than expected (I was already thinking much higher amounts, due to the increases from last year), but some bills turned out to be higher, because the buffer I was using for that.

If this buffer is not used, and this one is still being replaced in the kitchen, I will have the money to spend on Steam Deck in May.

I guess the confusion with what you said is between “having money” and having money “free to spend”, I always have a certain amount I want as buffer, if I don’t have the money for Steam Deck, in fact, since May.

But due to the high of the previous buffer, despite the fact that I valued things higher than I thought (just who would have thought that Russia would start a war and some bills would go higher), I first wanted to go back to the buffer the amount I always will.

In short, yes, I have the money for the Steam Deck, but because I prioritize the buffer, I don’t have that freedom to spend it in my eyes.

The money itself is there, but I preferred not to push the ship out of the spool because the spool is not meant for that.

Buffer has already been created, so at the end of July I will be able to pay for the Deck without having to cache.

I know this is a complicated mess (it’s hard to explain in words too, once you do it yourself it becomes simple automated for me)

But that’s the point, I see having a spare as something needed for an emergency, like extra bill(s) like what happened, or if my washing machine suddenly broke down, or if my computer (I need) suddenly had a brake part.

In my opinion, Steam Deck does not fall under this, but if Valve suddenly sends me an email this weekend, then yes I will pay it, the money is there but not intended for that (because it will be removed from the buffer)

Aside from rants that this suddenly comes 4 months earlier than planned, I would simply prefer to have the option that on the day I booked the deck, I can also (optionally) pay it in full on the spot.

As I do with the other things that come up later.

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