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The valve may produce more steam floors in the near future. The company says problems with its supply lines are improving. Buyers who are currently on the booking list will receive their confirmation email before the end of the year. Other customers will also get it sooner.

valve Writes in a blog post Steam Decks’ production is “higher than ever.” According to the company, problems with supply lines that delayed production of Steam Deck began to resolve. Therefore, the company can “reserve the requests of everyone in the reservation list faster”.

Concretely, this means that every potential buyer who is currently on the booking list will receive an email confirmation this year. Buyers who receive this message will have 72 hours to pre-order Steam Deck. Other buyers are also likely to receive their devices sooner. Customers who were on hold for the last quarter of this year can expect this email as early as the third quarter, between July and September. New bookings will be taken care of before the end of the year, according to Valve, but the company warns that if there are too many registrations, it could still be pushed back to the first quarter of next year.

Valve has struggled to keep up with demand since the introduction of Steam Deck. It is not known how many consoles the company has actually supplied and by how much production will be increased. In June, the company Steam Deck docking station delivery still out indefinitely. This was due to shortages of materials and “coronavirus-related lockdowns”.

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