Valve begins to undo CS2 ban for AMD Anti-Lag+ players – Games – News

The stupid thing is that Valve Anti Cheat was always a joke and is still a joke with the CS2 release. There are dozens of public and private cheats (aimbots, wallhacks) available that work 90% of the time while you are on a “VAC Secure” server with a verified Prime account.

So, as a legitimate player, you will be caught by their system and banned, while cheaters can pretty much play by cheating. It’s the same feeling I had when the CS2 beta came out, where cheaters were allowed to play it because they got a high rating by cheating. And legitimate players are waiting longer to access the beta.

They need to move towards AI-based anti-cheat, with deep learning so every player can have a profile. They should not develop this on their own because they have already proven that they cannot do it with their current knowledge and skills. So stay away from a good player in this market. Device blocking doesn’t work because there are cheap hardware spoofers. Game file integrity checks are not working due to external cheats.

Alternatively, an ID registration system, but I can understand that fewer people would be interested in that.

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