ValueBlue spreads its wings to the United States

ValueBlue spreads its wings to the United States

Utrecht software company ValueBlue is actively expanding in the United States (USA). CEO / Founder Wilko Visser will soon travel to New York to oversee US development. The British market is also in view. ValueBlue has raised $ 11 million (.5 9.5 million) in new capital for its development projects. The Series B financial round was led by British-American Octopus Ventures and Amsterdam-based Newen. ABN Amro also participated in supporting this supplier of decision-making software.

In order to gain more influence in the United States, The value is blue They employ about twenty people for marketing, sales and business development. The company also employs business people in Europe. In addition, the team building the corporate architecture (EA) site will be expanded by about fifteen people.

The Dutch software company has culminated in a 20 percent share of its own home market with its support for corporate architecture (EA) and data and information technology (business process management). That’s why director Wilco Wisser is turning his attention to the United States. That market is not only huge, it offers other benefits as well. ‘American customers tend to make quick decisions. Also, the amount there is high, ‘he explains. However, the way these customers use ValueBlue’s software is similar to that in the Netherlands.

In recent years Visser has seen its customers shift from medium to large companies. AS Watson, Randstad, Boskalis and the hotel group Wyndham, among others, use its corporate sauce solution BlueDolphin. As more and more large companies (over ten thousand employees) become customers, the need for software is also changing. This explains why product development gets so much incentive.


The market for ValueBlue’s joint EA platform still has a lot of potential. Paul Davidson (Octopus Ventures) says, “Restructuring business and information technology is essential for business success. Digital change is very important after an epidemic. ‘ ValueBlue provides solutions for managing and updating companies’ infrastructure and technology.

Wisser: ‘Managers often make their decisions based on their plans for digitizing their business. It is not configured. Also, not all information is in one place. Have no good idea of ​​what a project can contribute. The purpose of Plutolphin is to make digital transformation more data dependent. The platform provides real-time management insights. All the departments involved in that transition are working together better. We make their company easier Architecture And make sure the transition is flexible.

Invest first and then reap

Value Blue is one of the leaders in Gardner’s Magic Quadrant, along with fifteen other companies. All competitors earn between $ 5 million and $ 30 million. McKinsey’s research shows that 70 percent of companies do not yet have the solution to manage digital change. Of the companies that do, some prefer the new solution. In short, the market offers plenty of opportunities.

Utrecht people with complex IT landscapes want to differentiate themselves by focusing on ‘corporate’ customers. This includes retail, banks and financial services providers, and the health sector in particular.

Topman Wiser is preparing to immigrate to the United States soon. He is more interested in this. The new capital injection is coming just in time. Because conquering the US market simply costs a lot. ‘It is: investment first, then harvest,’ he says.

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