USA reopens on Monday: Delta expects fully loaded aircraft

USA reopens on Monday: Delta expects fully loaded aircraft

In the past six weeks, the number of overseas ticket sales with the airline has increased by 450 percent from six weeks ago, and it is not yet known if the United States will reopen. So Delta also expects well-filled flights in the weeks leading up to Monday.

Del Bastian CEO Ed Bastian said, “This is the beginning of a new era for travel and many people around the world have not been able to see their loved ones for almost two years.

“While we have seen many countries reopen their borders to US visitors over the summer, our international clients have not been able to fly with us or see the US. That all is changing now. We are grateful to the US Government for lifting travel restrictions and look forward to reuniting families, friends and colleagues.”

The delta frequency is increasing on many Atlantic routes, including Amsterdam – Boston this winter.

Vaccination and testing
The United States opens its borders only to fully vaccinated people. They must also have a negative test certificate that does not last more than three days. Passengers under the age of 18 do not need to be vaccinated, but they must be tested.

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