US Supreme Court quashes national right to abortion | Now

US Supreme Court quashes national right to abortion |  Now

The US Supreme Court has overturned the federal right to abortion. Henceforth, whether or not American women have an abortion depends on the state in which they live.

By Judgment The U.S. Supreme Court now allows each state to decide for itself whether or not to allow an abortion. About 20 states are said to be considering banning abortions.

It’s mainly about Republican-ruled states. In the states of Missouri and Louisiana, abortion after the verdict is already illegal.

In some states abortion may be further restricted. Ways to control abortion include reducing the duration of abortion and reducing the number of abortion clinics in a state.

Abortion is expected to be possible in half of the states controlled by Democrats.

Rowe V. Wade’s verdict was reversed

The right to abortion was affirmed in the US Constitution in 1973 by the case of Rowe Wade. The U.S. Supreme Court gave a special ruling in that case. It declared the law, which makes abortion difficult or prohibited in US states, “unconstitutional.”

The Supreme Court, which today consists mainly of Republican judges, has now reversed that decision.

The outcome of the Mississippi State Act (prohibiting abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy) was confirmed from six to three. The Supreme Court vote to overturn the 1973 ruling ended with five in favor and four against.

Democratic judges regret this decision

Conservative Judge Samuel Alito said the court’s decision was based on the fact that the right to abortion is not included in the US Constitution. “Politicians have the power to regulate abortions, not the courts,” Alito said.

The three judges of the Democrat-appointed court said in a joint statement that they did not accept the decision. “Whatever the right intent of the forthcoming laws, one conclusion of today’s decision is certain: reducing the rights of women and their status as free and equal citizens,” they write.

“It is sad before this court, but for the millions of American women who have lost their basic constitutional protections today. We do not agree,” said three Democratic judges who voted against.

Biden talks about the ‘sad mistake’

US President Joe Biden calls the abolition of the national right to abortion “an unfortunate mistake.” Biden argues that “women’s health and lives are at stake” because states can now decide for themselves whether abortion is permissible and what rules are attached to it.

The president said women living in states where abortion would soon be banned could move to other states where abortion is permitted.

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