US state of Montana passes law banning TikTok download | Technology

US state of Montana passes law banning TikTok download |  Technology

The Legislature of the US state of Montana, in the northwest of the US, on Friday passed a law banning Tik Tok from 2024. The law insists Apple and Google no longer allow downloads of the Chinese social media app through their app stores because TikTok allows China to manipulate and spy on users.

The company behind TikTok is no longer allowed to set up operations in the state, according to American news site NBC News. People who have already installed the app will not be banned from using TikTok. An earlier version of the bill required internet providers to block TikTok, but that was removed from this proposal.

Republican Governor Greg Gianforte is expected to sign the legislation into law. He previously banned the use of TikTok on Montana government devices. If Gianforte signs the bill, it would become law in 2024.

The law includes penalties for companies, but not for individual users. It also expressly states that the law will not apply if a country “not considered an adversary of the United States” acquires TikTok.

TikTok, part of Chinese parent company Byte Dance, has been criticized for some time in the US and other countries due to privacy and digital security concerns. The Social Platform may transmit Personal Data to the Chinese Government. And many governments, parliaments and cities have banned use on their employees’ business devices for fear of data theft and spying.

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