US newspaper: China plans military training camp in Cuba

US newspaper: China plans military training camp in Cuba

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China and Cuba want to set up a joint training camp on the island, The Wall Street Journal reported. This has caused concern in the United States. According to the newspaper, there are fears that Chinese troops could eventually be stationed on the island off the US coast.

According to US intelligence reports, negotiations for the training facility are at an advanced stage. US President Joe Biden’s administration reportedly contacted Cuba to encourage them. The White House declined to comment on the paper.

Some U.S. intelligence officials say China sees its actions in Cuba as a reflection of U.S. support for Taiwan. Cuba is about the same distance from the coast of Florida as Taiwan is from mainland China. The Chinese government views the democratically-ruled island as a renegade province and is irritated by US military support for the Taiwanese.

Collaborative Security Services

According to the newspaper, U.S. policymakers and analysts differ on how worrisome the intelligence about the potential training camp is. Cooperation between the two communist regimes is closely watched in Washington. As far as is known, China has not yet stationed combat forces in Latin America, while the United States maintains a global network of military bases.

Recently, there has also been an uproar in US politics over alleged cooperation between China and Cuba in intelligence. According to US sources, a spy base in Cuba will have expanded significantly in 2019. “Havana and Beijing are now jointly targeting the United States and our people,” Republican and Democratic politicians said in a joint statement earlier this month.

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