US midterm elections ‘setback for Putin’

US midterm elections 'setback for Putin'

The results of the US midterm elections also affect the war in Ukraine. So far there is a lot of support for support in America, but sentiment seems to be waning among Republicans.

Ukraine is heavily dependent on US financial and military support. What if support is changed and what are the consequences? How does Vladimir Putin sit? “Putin thinks that support will erode if he maintains the energy crisis or sends refugees to the West,” answered former commander of the Land Forces Mart de Groof on Good Morning Netherlands on NPO 1.

It will fool Putin

The signals have been otherwise so far, De Cruyff continues. “The fact that support is not crumbling and there is no ‘red tide’ – and the fact that Trump supporters are not doing well – this is not a good day for Putin. It will disappoint him. This is not what Putin wants.

Yet Republicans and Democrats alike continue to call it the “European War.” Support for Ukraine remains alive and well from the US, but calls for Europe to do its part are getting louder. “We heard before, now it will continue irrevocably,” says American expert Willem Post.

Donald Trump and NATO

The mid-term elections are a precursor to the 2024 presidential election. Donald Trump may run for re-election. If Trump wins, as he once announced in a speech, he is likely to leave NATO with the United States.

The consequences will be crucial for Europe’s security, as “we can’t really do anything in Europe,” De Cruyff explains. “90 percent of NATO’s main assets are Americans. So we need to get our own defense policy in Europe very quickly, but also our own resources and our own security.

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By: Vic Den Volt

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